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How to Start Selling on Flipkart?

Flipkart is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world with more than 10 million customers. So, it is always a great opportunity for any business to sell on Flipkart. So, In this post, we will learn how to start selling on Flipkart. In this post, I will show you the Flipkart seller registration process. Once the registration is successful we will learn about product listings, Shipping, Returns, etc. in upcoming posts.

So before going into the registration process let us see the documents required for Flipkart seller registration process.

Documents Required for Flipkart Seller Registration Process​

  • PAN Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • GST Number
  • Cancel Cheque
  • Valid Address Proof
  • Email ID and a Contact Number

Flipkart Seller Registration process ​

Once you have all these documents you are ready to start the registration process. 

To register as a seller on flipkart click here. 

Once you visit the registration page. You will see an option of register today, underneath enter your email ID and contact number and click on start selling.

Now enter your name, an email will be already taken from the previous step, set a password, mobile number and click on send OTP option to verify your mobile number. Enter the received OTP and then click on continue.

Now you have to select the categories in which you wish to sell. You can, later on, add or remove the categories.

In the next step set up your pickup location. Enter your Pincode to check if their service is available at your Pincode.

If the service is available, then it asks you to enter your address details. Provide your address and click on the submit option to move to the next step.

Now you will start seeing your dashboard and a progress bar at the right which shows your process completion percentage. As you will go on completing the registration process it will increase and go to 100% once the registration is completed.

On the seller dashboard, you will see four sections which are marked as pending at the top left and an option to add details at the bottom of each.

Starting from the top left section that is with the business details section.

Once you click on add details a pop up will be shown on the screen asking for your business details. Enter your Business Name as mentioned on the GSTIN certificate, GSTIN Number and upload the GSTIN certificate. In case you don’t have a GSTIN you can click on the checkbox “I don’t have a GSTIN”. Next TAN and upload its valid certificate. In case you don’t have a TAN number click on the checkbox “I don’t have a TAN”. Next, add your CIN and upload its certificate. Add your signature and your registered business address and click on save.
Note – All the options with an asterisk are mandatory.

Now you have entered your business details and it’s the time to move to the next section which asks your bank details. Click on add details in the bank details section and start adding your bank details. Enter Account holder name, Account number, Retype account number, IFCS Code, Bank name, State, City, Branch. Down below under the same section you have to enter your KYC details which includes your business type (proprietor or Company), PAN number and upload its documents, Address proof (Passport, Credit card statement, Electricity bill, Aadhar card, Telephone/ mobile bill, Ration card, Bank account/ credit card statement, Voter’s identity card) Select one of them and upload its document and last upload a canceled cheque and click on save.

 sample amount will be transferred to your bank account within two working days after which a verification link will be made available in this section. Please enter the same account to verify the bank details.

Note- The progress bar will go on increasing as you will go on completing each section.

The third section will ask your store details. Enter the store display name and a business description. Below you can see how your store name will be displayed on Finally, click on save and this section is over.

Now you are one step away from the registration process. The next and last section will be there to add products. You have to minimum add one product to complete your registration process. I will not discuss adding products in the next post.

Watch this video for a more clear understanding


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