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Running a business is a journey. It’s always long, but it doesn’t always have to be tough. Digital India is at its peak of success, and to own a store, you don’t need cement; you don’t need to pay rent. All you need to do is set up an Online Business and take the one-way street to easy success.

Select a Product you would like to sell 

Choose a business that you are passionate about doing. If you are a home baker, consider starting an online food business, if you are an artist, consider selling art. Be rest assured, Amazon’s miscellaneous platform will have enough shelf-space for whatever you choose to sell.


Register with an E-commerce Site

You can find various E-commerce sites in India which allow you to register as a seller to sell your products like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall, Shopclues, Mynthra.

Required Documents for Seller Registration

At the time of registration with an E-commerce site, you will need to get some basic documentation in place. This includes your GST Number, PAN (Permanent Account Number). Find below required Documents

1. G.S.T Registration
2. PAN Card
3. Indian Bank Account (Saving/Current )
4. Mobile Number & E-mail Id
5. One Product

Create Your Catalogue with Your products

This is where you get started with your products. Before you decide which of your products to put online, do some research. Identify sellers selling similar products and see what performs well, and what doesn’t. Using what you’ve learned, choose which of your products to showcase. With online selling, the burden of browsing gets transferred to customers, and all you need to ensure is that your products look attractive and saleable. 

Choose Shipping Method

Most of the e-commerce sites have their own logistic services. you can choose their service or make deal with your local courier service to deliver the products. Amazon and Flipkart Paytm have their own reputed logistic services.

Link Your Bank Accounts for Payments

Link your current/saving bank accounts to your registered e-commerce site. Every e-commerce sites paying a weekly basis, check sites payment conditions for more information.

Start Selling


Register Your Accounts on an E-commerce store

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