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what is bitcoin
          Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which is designed as a solution to the common currency and currency transactions in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto was the first person to present the concept of bitcoin in a paper.
         Satoshi Nakamoto is a pen name, it is not yet clear who is behind this name. In 2009, the first bitcoin network was established with a bitcoin protocol and its pertinent software.
 What is Bitcoin? 
          Imagine that Bitcoin is a currency, you have a bitcoin instead of the Dollar (USD) bitcoin we would have kept it in a range similar to that used to store currency notes (its name is bitcoin Wallet).


         Your bitcoin wallet has 100 bitcoins, you have to buy 1 kg of rice. Imagine the price of 1 kg rice is the equivalent price for 10-bitcoins. Ask the borrower where to deposit bitcoin. He will show his own purse to invest in bitcoin. You open your bitcoin wallet and take 10-bitcoins and deposit it into the vendor’s purse.
How do you make sure that you entered the original bitcoin?

         This is where bitcoin system becomes relevant. Whether you have a number of bitcoins in the power you own or that they’re true, you have a system that can easily be tested anywhere in the world. That is a giant book of records that are regularly numbered in all bitcoin transactions. There is no such difficulty as to make sure that the counterfeit currency notes are fake or not. The booklet can easily look at how much money and transactions are held in each individual piece, this figure is called blockchain.
         This account has a special significance for the book. This is not a centralized book account. That is not a blockchain that is maintained by an individual, organization or institution. The Bitcoin transactions are the ones who are transacting in this blockchain publicly. So no individual or group of people will be able to do any work in any of these.
bitcoin mining

Let’s see how Bitcoin will look like.
            Bitcoin is said to be a cryptocurrency, specify with an example “Hjf5674hjflktm6j5dpm68” this is a bitcoin wallet address. All the details associated with this bitcoin wallet address can be known through the blockchain Registrar. A lot of software, apps, and websites are available for easy understanding of the information from the blockchain database. The bitcoin wallet address will be provided and all the information will be provided, including information on the address mentioned above and all the details of how many bit containments are there
          Anyone can buy bitcoin wallets as you buy a new purse. This can be done using online, offline and mobile app software. In the beginning, when you create a bitcoin wallet, it will be empty. Each time a recipient receives money from other payments, they are recorded in the register called Blockchain. Anyone can deposit money from the bank’s address so that anyone can deposit money into the treasury placed in front of the temples. But only the owner of that purse can withdraw money from the currency. Why is that so? There is no way anyone can open the password. It has a lock. Only the person holding the key can open the purse and spend money.

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